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Event Deposit Agreement
Event Deposit Agreement

Event Deposit Agreement

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  • Check the Date with our Event Planner first 732-804-5015:Once you have a confirmed your Event place your deposit
  • Enter all the details you can:If you are unsure or the question doesn't apply enter N/A
  • Scroll down and read all our policies before you place your deposit:If you are paying by check we still need you to check out. Use the code Check during check out and mail your check. Your date will be confirmed once received

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Event Type
Event Policies - scroll down to read before accepting
I have read and understand all the event policies including payments, taxes, cancellations, covid interuptions and credits
I understand that in this uncertain time there is no way to guarantee an event will go on as planned and I may have to move, reschedule, or convert my event into take home kits.


Read all the event policies before placing your deposit




All private Events require a Deposit of $150.  The balance is due the day of the event before we start.  The $150 is deducted from the final bill.
The tax is billed at the end. The balance may be paid by Check or Cash. **All Adult or Mixed Events required a minimum of 12 people 
**Children only events require a minumum of 10

Event Deposits are non-refundable.
If you event is canceled because it doe'nt meet the minimum or there is a covid issue the date can be rescheduled. 
If you decide not to reschedule the event we will issue a credit for your deposit that you may use for another event or art kits. 

Tax Exempt Groups 
Enter your Tax ID number in the details section.  If you do not have one, we have to charge tax on the final bill. 

Fundraisers held by the Organization itself
The deposit can be made with a Credit card in the Name of the Organization. If the organization does not have a card then we need a check from the organizations account.
Tax ID is required. The final Payment must be made by check or cash from the organization on the day of the event.  The final count will be confirmed the day before the event
to ensure enough materials are pre-made.  We do not offer pay at the door events. All tickets must be prepaid.  If you are selling the tickets directly to your followers please have them pay ahead.
You will be billed on the final count determined before the day before the event. We will have a limited amount of extra material on hand in case there is a mixup.  If that happens we will adust the balance.
If there are less attendee's than the amount on your invoice we will be able to take the kits that have been prepared for the people who couldn't attend.  

Fundraisers held on behalf of a cause by a private person or group without a tax exemption
If you are holding a fundraiser because you want to donate to a cause but you are not the actual organization you are required to pay sales tax since you are not tax exempt. 
If we collect the payments for the event on our website the proceeds will be paid by check and written out to the name of the Organization.

**All Adult or Mixed Events required a minimum of 12 people 
**Children only events require a minumum of 10