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Our first Blog :)

Posted by on 6/28/2010
Welcome to our new BLOG! We are excited to communicate in this new way and hope you will share your comments and suggestions and artwork.   We hope to create a community of artists and aspiring artist to share thoughts and suggestions for projects and anything else about art and creating.  Whatever type of art you love let us know what your working on and share pictures of your work. We will do the same.  Jersey Shore Paint Party is a great way to begin your art adventure.  Our painting events are like appetizers at a great feast - they are getting you ready for the real deal! We hope you have gotten the "painting bug" and are creating your own paintings at home.  Please, please share your work and your experiences with creating.
Before I close let me tell you about our Art Drop yesterday.  We had a great group of children ages 4 and up, girls and boys and we had an "Artists Birthday Party".  The featured artist was Franz Marc, a German Expressionist.  The children had a choice of creating a horse or a cat inspired by his work while we learned a little about what made him important.  Everyone went to work and really did a great job using the bold colors and adapting the painting to their own vision.  Some of the children were done early and continued painting on paper to create self portraits and monster faces.  (The boys were much more interested in monsters than the girls and made some interesting creations)  Once we were all done we sang Happy Birthday to Franz Marc and enjoyed cupcakes. Below is the group with their finished work.  Click to enlarge and really take a good look at how creative children are. They are fearless when painting and just go with the flow! Something I strive for all the time but as an adult artist its always a struggle to put aside perfectionism and just have fun.  We can all learn from these amazing creative kids. Have a great day, stay creative and thanks for taking the time to read our blog!