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United States 6" Paintable MDF Shape
United States 6' Paintable MDF Shape

United States 6" Paintable MDF Shape

18 Available

SKU :SH-101-3

  • 6" MDF Shape ready to paint or decorate:Fits our Changeable Shape Home Signs
  • This item includes the ***Shape Only***: The "Welcome to our Home" changeable sign kit available for purchase separately

6" Wood Shape fits our "Welcome to our Home" DIY Stenciled wood sign
Includes 1 Shape**

6" MDF Shape of United States

**Order this product if you want the shape only.  To order the sign kit follow this link Order Basic Kit Here
These shapes are great for all type of crafts.  Girl scouts will love to use paint, glitter, markers and stickers to
decorate these for part of their meeting time.  Younger children also have fun with these shapes and can have double the fun by 
painting both sides.  Ribbon and bows are another idea to decorate.
Contact us if you don't see what you are searching for.  Ask about custom shape orders. 


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