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The Artist's Way Workshop

12 Week 
Creativity Course.

The Artist's Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity
Based on the Book by Julia Cameron.
July 2024 Session
The Artist's Way
Text Available on Amazon - 30th Anniversary Edition

* Limited to 12 participants to attend at no charge. A drawing will be held if more than 12 sign up.

If you are interested in attending click button below to email your contact information and what you hope to get out of the program
Subject - The Artist's Way Workshop

If more than 12 people are interested we will hold a drawing 

Workshop Schedule
Tuesday Mornings 9:30 to 11:30

July l6th:
Introduction to Workshop and Tools

July 23rd:
Recovering a sense of safety

July 30th:
Recovering a sense of identity

August 6th:
Recovering a sense of power

August 13th:
Recovering a sense of integrity

August 20th:
Recovering a sense of possibility

August 27th:
Recovering a sense of abundance

September 3rd:
Recovering a sense of connection

Recovering a sense of strength

September 17th:
Recovering a sense of compassion

September 24th:
Recovering a sense of self-protection

October 1st:
Recovering a sense of autonomy

October 8th
Recovering a Sense of Faith

The Basic Foundational Activities

Morning Pages:

3 Stream of conscious handwritten pages every day. **These remain private we do not share with anyone and we do not re-read them ourselves. This is a clearing of all the clutter in our minds.

Artist Dates:
Take yourself on a fun outing each week. For example, you could simply go to the craft store and look around or take yourself to an art gallery or museum. It could be a walk along the ocean to search for shells. A hike. A stationary store visit. Buy yourself new colored pencils or paints. Visit a bookstore. The point is to spend quality time with yourself, by yourself.

The Artist's Way workshop is a profound experience. In a nurturing creative environment we support each persons unique path of creative intuition. The workshop is a safe place to cultivate artistic expression and and free from judgment or pressure. Together, the group becomes a sanctuary for artistic expression, encouraging growth and empowerment not only in our creative ventures but also in our life experiences. Join us for this 12 week experience and become a part or Jersey Shore Paint Party’s first “Creative Cluster”