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Epoxy Resin

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You may make any of the designs we show or you may have seen on our Facebook pages. The photos of projects we show are only suggestions. If you have an idea for something different you will be able to make it using the materials we have on our materials "Buffet". You will finds many items there to choose from. We have loads of seashells, starfish, capiz shells, crushed shells, crushed mirror, crushed glass, and sea glass style glass fragments. You will find different colored gems as well as different sizes. We also have faux sanddollars. There are multi-colored pearl-like beads and colored gravels.  This is only a partial list of the items we offer. 
*Everything is subject to availability but in most cases we usually have everything you see used on the examples in stock.
Feel free to bring your own items to add. If it it something porous it will have to be sealed at home before you come. There are different products to use to do this. Mod-podge works on many things but depending on what you are sealing you may have to try something else. If you have real sand dollars they have to be sealed. Try a small area to be sue it doesn't change the color.
Add on options:  These choices can be added on during check out for an additional charge.
We have 6" mermaids that can be added to your design for an extra charge. You can add one during checkout.
Custom Signs:
If you want your piece to have your name on it or another short message you need to order that ahead of time when your checkout. We will cut and ahere the wording for you before the class so it is ready for you.

If you want a kit to do at home please click here to go to the kit page for what is currently available.

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