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New!! Home Based Art Enrichment Program
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Art Enrichment program for Elementary Home School

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$129 Includes all Materials and Video Instruction 
Not looking forward to teaching art during your home schooling experience?
Do not worry! 
We are offering a 4 Project Art Enrichment Kit with 2 Bonus Activities for Elementary School Children. 
Parents can guide children through a project each week (with the help of our video lessons) that is based
on the State of NJ Core Curriculum Standards. Focusing on the Basic Elements of Art.

Project 1
Sea Collage on 12 x 12 Wood Plank - Elmers Glue, Starfish, Crushed shells and other 
Emphasis on the use of shape and line to control the direction of the art work

Project 2
Pour Painting & Geometric Collage - First students will create a flow painting highlighting abstract art.
Second part of project is a collage using Geometric shapes. Students will compare and contrast the difference.

Project 3
Create a basic Color wheel. Learn the basics of color mixing,  hue, luminosity, tints and shades
Second part of project is the study of warm and cool colors / primary and secondary

Project 4
Mosaic Kit. Using shape, color and texture to create a composition
Materials include;  Glass pieces and other items to add into project.

Bonus 1
Art Journal with Colored Pencils
Students will learn how to keep an "inspiration" Journal and understand the creative process.

Bonus 2
Create 2 Batches of Slime step by step. 
Learn the Science behind  Slime
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Art Enrichment - Elementary Levey $129 - Includes all Materials & Video Lessons
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