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Paint Party Fundraiser

Paint Party Fundraiser
Follow our Checklist to set up your fundraiser 

1. Check your Date - Call our Event Manager at 732-804-5015
2. Choose a Location - Our Studio, Local Restaurant or your location
3. Make your deposit - Send check or pay online with the organizations credit card. 
4. Pick your project - Browse our galleries or request a custom painting.

Suggestions for a Successful Fundraiser
Give yourself at least six to eight weeks to promote your fundraiser
Post your event on your fundraisers Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media accounts
Ask everyone to share the event and keep sharing
Think about a tricky tray or contest with prizes for your event - this can be held during the break
Post your event for free on the local Patch news site
Require pre-payment for ticket sales 

Selling Options and Features
We have two selling options for Canvas or Block Party fundraisers: 

Tickets are sold on our site for $40 and we donate back to the organization $10 per ticket.
We post your site on our home page for maximum exposure
We process credit card payments
We add your event to our Facebook Events
We will create a custom painting upon request at no additional charge

Option #2 - MAKE $15 PER TICKET SOLD
Tickets are sold by your organization for $40 and you make $15 per Ticket - For this option we do not post, promote or
process payments.  All promotion is handled by you and then you make payment to us on the day of your event. 
Payment by check or credit card must be in the name of the charity or organizations to qualify for sales tax exemption.  If Payment is made with a personal check tax
will be added.  Acceptable NJ Tax Exempt forms are ST-3, ST-4, ST-5

*Canvas is 16 x 20 
* Block Party - This is a 12" solid wood block with a stenciled quote