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Epoxy Resin

We are excited to announce we are using ArtResin in all our epoxy resin projects


There are many resin brands on the market but ArtResin uses the most advanced chemical combination to inhibit yellowing over time due to
UV Rays. ArtResin is also non-toxic and contains no VOCs or fumes.

Important:  If you are bringing personal items in to add to your project remember that any porous items
should be sealed before the event.  Use a brush on or spray sealer that is appropriate for your item. ModPodge
works well on many items including  natural sand dollars or starfish.  

Join us for one of our Resin Projects

Check out Some of the Beautiful Designs from our Past Events

No art experience is Needed to create a gorgeous Sea Glass Project like the ones below.  We supply all the materials you will need.
You may also bring in personal items to add to your work.